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Add Smart Thermal Mass to your building with BioPCM

What are Phase Change Materials?

Phase change materials operate on the natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid to solid). Unlike other phase change materials products derived from petroleum or salt hydrates, BioPCM is derived from abundant bio-based materials. BioPCM products allow consumers to integrate environmentally friendly bio-based phase change materials into new and existing buildings. Phase change materials, as the name implies, are simply materials that change from one phase to another at a designated set point.

The most commonly known phase change material is ice. The simple chart below depicts how a phase change material (ice) works in conjunction with a buildings insulation (the ice chest) to keep indoor temperatures stable for a longer period of time.

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How Does BioPCM Work?

When phase change materials are placed in a building, they absorb heat during the day and release heat into the building at night. When installed in ceiling and wall panels the product works day and night to stabilize indoor temperatures. This simple passive approach to saving energy provides greater comfort for building occupants and more efficient HVAC system. Our products add thermal mass to any structure giving it the ability to hold designated temperatures for much longer lengths of time. This will help reduce energy consumption, shift peak demand, and enhance occupant comfort.

The chart below shows actual test results from unconditioned structures located in Asheboro, NC. As seen, the structure without BioPCM (rust colored line) follows the natural temperature changes throughout the day (black line). By adding BioPCM to an exact structure sitting 50 feet away (green colored line) we see a temperature swing of only 4 degrees in the same 24 hour period of time. As heat is given off at night, the BioPCM refreezes, giving it the ability to absorb heat the following day and repeat the cycle.

Where Do I Use BioPCM?

BioPCM can easily be integrated into either new build or existing design. The addition of BioPCM into an existing plan may yield up to 30% energy savings. In the exterior walls, 16.5" wide BioPCM mats are simply stapled to the studs over the standard insulation. In ceilings, BioPCM is placed over the sheet rock in the attic before insulation is applied. The product can be easily trimmed around wall outlets and fixtures with scissors or a utility knife. The loading varies depending on the actual weather patterns around the installation region and where the material is being placed within a building. We stock a number of standard temperature materials for typical building applications from warehouse to commercial buildings and residential to "tiny houses".

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Benefits of BioPCM smart thermal mass technology include:

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