Swisspearl® composite cement panels give your building high visual impact and a durable exterior!

Used in Europe for many years, Swisspearl® cement façade panels are now available on the west coast. These composite cement panels are designed to give you a rear ventilated rainscreen cladding system that protects your insulation and minimizes the breakdown common with other installation systems. The completely engineered Swisspearl® cement panel system Swisspearl®, offers a modern look and non-combustible construction. Discover the advantages of this fine product line.

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Garmin International GPS, Inc. - Salem, OR

Architect: Anderson Shirley
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Facade
Color: Reflex Silver 9000. Carat Azurite 7041
Square Feet of Panel: 12,000

In 2007, Swisspearl® was used on Garmin's main building to replace a failed EIFS facade (Exterior Insulation and Finish System - also termed "synthetic stucco"). In 2015, Garmin added an additional building to the campus. After 8 years of seeing the color retention and almost zero maintenance of a Swisspearl® façade on their original building, Swisspearl® was once again selected a the majority product on the new building.

Little Horn State Bank - Billings, MT

Architect: Collaborative Design Architects
Product: Swisspearl® LINEARIS Panel strips
Colors: Carat Coral 7030, 7032
Square Feet of Panel: 4,120

This great project features Swisspearl® LINEARIS panel strips, which are ready-made 8mm thick panel strips, for installing with open joints. Whether monochrome or multicolored, equal or varying format lengths, with continuous or offset joints - there is immense scope for different combinations. The low consumption of resources and energy for their manufacture, and their long working life, make LINEARIS the epitome of sustainable construction, like all Swisspearl® products. LINEARIS strips come in 6"x5' or 8' and 12"x5' or 8'.

Lithia Headquarters - Medford, OR

Architect: Ogden Roemer Wilkerson
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Facade
Colors: Reflex Platinum 9020, Silver 9000
Square Feet of Panel: 20,500

The new Lithia headquarters is the center of a development district in downtown Medford. Silver Reflex Swisspearl® panels were used on the project. Changes in light and angles of vision make the Reflex color produce amazing nuances in color shades. For samples of the Reflex or any other Swisspearl® color line please contact us!

Star Community Center - Tacoma, WA

Architect: Miller Hull Partnership
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement facade
Color: Carat Coral 7031
Square Feet of Panel: 14,320

This new community center lies at the heart of a redeveloped regional sports and recreation campus. The primary functions are arranged as an arced series of nesting units that open to the landscaped surroundings and offer views of nearby Mount Rainier. The red Swisspearl® clad façade features a unique fish-scale pattern and forms an integral part of an overarching sustainability strategy.

Swedish Issaquah Medical Campus - Issaquah, WA

Architect: Collins Woerman
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Facade
Colors: Reflex Autumn Leaves 9270, Champagne 9290, Blue Ice 9240. Carat Topaz 7072, 7073
Square Feet of Panel: 25,000

Swedish Issaquah is one of the most energy-efficient hospital campuses in the nation. Swisspearl® is installed as part of a rear ventilated system, which reduces solar heat gain and day to night temperature differences, optimizing energy performance . For these reasons, along with the low embodied energy consumption during Swisspearl's® manufacturing process, Swisspearl® was selected as the primary exterior façade product on this very efficient medial campus.

St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Office Building - Tacoma, WA

Architect: Perkins Will
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Facade
Color: Carat Onyx 7099
Square Feet of Panel: 29,000

White Swisspearl® panels where installed on this Medical Office Building in a running bond pattern. This helped create a modern aesthetic and visual ties to existing buildings on the St. Joseph's campus. A two foot wide panel module was used to optimize panel waste and help with ease of install. Swisspearl® panels will remain true to their color and not develop efflorescence, ensuring the panels will look good for years to come.

Killingsworth Station - Portland, OR

Architect: Vallaster & Corl
Product: Swisspearl® Fiber Cement Facade
Colors: Carat Amber 7080, 7082, 7083
Square Feet of Panel: 16,832

Pacific Plaza - Tacoma, WA

Architect: BLRB Architects
Product: Swisspearl® Carat Opal 7020
LEED Platinum
Square Feet of Panel: 11,000
Year: 2009

This parking garage renovation resulted in a LEED Platinum Certified office building that utilized our Swisspearl® panels. BLRB Architects prized the high quality of the Swisspearl® panels on the exterior, so they were installed in key interior rooms as well.

The Seattle Public Library Broadview Branch - Seattle, WA

Architect: Miller Hayashi Architects
Product: Swisspearl® Carat Opal 7020, Carat Coral 7030
Square Feet of Panel: 4,000
Year: 2006

This busy Seattle Public Library combines multiple Swisspearl® colors in flat and lapped installations. Swisspearl® is ideal for public buildings because it has no required maintenance, such as redoing caulk joints, repainting, or sealing. Maintenance-free Swisspearl® building panels deliver significant cost savings over the life of the building compared to products with lower initial costs which require on-going painting and sealing to maintain their warranty. In terms of the true cost over the life of the building exterior, there is no better performer than Swisspearl® composite Swisspearl® cement façade building panels.

Mirabella - Portland, OR

Architect: Ankrom Moisan Architects
Product: Swisspearl® Reflex 9270
Square Feet of Panel: 32,000
Year: 2010

Swisspearl® is the only cement composite building product which can be used on high rise applications. This 30-story building highlights the "Autumn Leaves" color at the top of the building, residence's balcony areas, around the street level windows, and throughout the main entrance.

Residence - Medina, WA

Product: Swisspearl® Carat Onyx 7090
Square Feet of Panel: 8,000
Year: 2007

Swisspearl® was chosen by this homeowner to create a finely detailed contemporary home. Complimented by natural wood finishes and modern glazing, Swisspearl® provides a unique signature for this lakefront home.

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