MOTO: Framing Solutions for Rain Screen Systems

The patented MOTO framing system provides the energy efficiency and water management of a rear ventilated rain screen system. It can accommodate all rain screen facades including metal, composite cement, wood, lap siding, stone, and concealed fastener systems. MOTO features 20 foot long aluminum extrusions in shapes for every situation: inside corners, outside corners, hat channels with optional filler, material transitions, and window and door trims. These 20 foot aluminum extrusions result in reduced framing time when compared typical galvanized steel framing, saving costs on a project. MOTO is made from aluminum that is available anodized for coastal applications and black powder coated on the face for open jointed systems.

MOTO Rock Continuous Insulation System: A True CI System for Optimal Thermal Performance

As energy codes like ASHRAE 90.1 are becoming increasingly stringent, applying insulation to the exterior of a wall is one of the simplest forms to increase a wall assembly's thermal performance.

The MOTO ROCK CI System can help meet and exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards by applying exterior insulation with limited thermal breaks. The system uses MOTO's aluminum rain screen framing system in conjunction with high density MOTO ROCK Insulation (by ROXUL) to provide the energy efficiency and moisture control that come along with a rear vented rain screen system. Almost any façade can be attached to the MOTO ROCK CI System.

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