Dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo Rainclad Siding

Whether you choose siding per building code requirements or as an accent, dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo RainClad Siding is designed to last a lifetime.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Individual bamboo stalks sprout from a vast root system. Unlike most tree species, when cut, one bamboo stalk naturally regenerates several new stalks from it's root system.

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Rainclad Siding is a durable, extremely dense exterior-use bamboo cladding product consisting of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin.

dasso.XTR is made using a proprietary fusion process. At the peak of it’s growth, the bamboo is harvested from bamboo forests. After it is shredded into bamboo fiber, two stages of high heat are applied which reinforce it’s natural strength. The first carbonizes the bamboo and removes the starch and sugar. The second restructures the bamboo fibers. Using a phenolic resin (the same resins used in bowling balls), the modified bamboo strands are fused together.

Unlike other natural woods, bamboo is free of rays and knots, giving dasso.XTR a more flawless appearance than other materials made from wood. It’s consistent grain structure allows dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo Rainclad Siding to distribute weight very evenly, adding to its incredible durability.

Key Advantages

Installation: 6 foot rainclad boards, milled to a shiplap pattern, are hung on a concealed clip to create a rear vented rainscreen system. Boards also come with a tongue and groove end match which slots together. Due to the stability of dasso.XTR Rainclad boards, end matches don’t have to occur on the studs, and can float inbetween. 

Bamboo Facts

For additional product details, including decking, visit www.dassoXTR.com

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