Thermocromex – A Breakthrough Limestone Finish

Thermocromex is a high performance limestone cladding which delivers the beautiful look and durability of natural stone products along with being able to duplicate the finish of precast stone/concrete. Originating in the same European mines that have been in continuous production for over 150 years, Thermocromex incorporates the highest quality natural hydraulic lime. It is a technically brilliant reformulation that can be applied to virtually any substrate, including CMU, frame/sheathing, tilt wall, poured in place concrete, lightweight blocks/cement and has been used successfully for over 25 years. Visit the Thermocromex website for additional product details.

  • Largo Community Center, Largo, Florida, LEED Platinum
  • Largo Community Center, Largo, Florida, LEED Platinum
  • Uptown Post Oak, Houston, Texas
  • Uptown Post Oak, Houston, Texas
  • Edgewater House, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  • Private Residence, New York
  • St. Paisius Monastery, Safford, Arizona
  • Multi-Use Building
  • Texas Gulf Bank, Houston, Texas


Green Building Attributes

In an effort to achieve LEED Certification, Thermocromex can be used as part of a strategy to earn 44 points in 9 LEED credit categories. With a natural capacity for almost zero air-infiltration and an R-Value five times greater than stucco Thermocromex has the ability to greatly reduce energy costs. Any excess material can be crushed and used for patching, as well as numerous other applications such as being added to improve fertilizer and to facilitate water purification, making Thermocromex a 100% recyclable product. No volatile organic compounds ensure healthy indoor environmental quality.

Achieving the Look You Want!

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Match the Look of Natural Stone

Thermocromex is able to duplicate the look, color, and texture of almost any natural stone, precast stone, and precast concrete with savings in excess of $25 - $150 per square foot. The image at left shows Thermocromex matched against a piece of Austin stone.

Match the Look of Precast Stone

With the permanent durability of natural stone and multi colored finishes, Thermocromex is a great alternative for budgets. Featuring color pigments that are alkali and UV-resistant blended right into the premix, it never needs recoloring. The image at left shows how Thermocromex is able to match the look of precast stone.

Custom Coloring

Some of the most popular patterns are multi-colored finishes which allow for natural color variation that is inherent in most stone. Unlike other products that utilize colored water or washes which easily fade over time, a micronized version of Thermocromex is used, utilizing only non-fading powdered pigments ensuring that the original appearance is unchanged 100 years later. With a wide range of standard colors available, custom coloring is always an option.

Custom Scoring

The image at left shows just a few of the scored joints that can be achieved and are commonly used for design aesthetics in creating block panels, chamfered stone, day joints, and brick patterns. The depth of the block joints can vary from 1/16 Inches up to 1.5 inches. The method used to create a block joint is achieved without the use of any power tools.

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